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This blog is a memoir of my running journeys, experiences, endeavours & epiphanies !

Happy New Year 2016!

Running Posted on Fri, January 01, 2016 15:57:28

Adios 2015 & welcome 2016!

2015, you’ve been super nice & rewarding – Thanks for everything! You gave me my first 100km Ultra finish along with some other cool race finishes at some awesome locations. You also let me improve my personal best for most of the distances. You also let me debut as a race director organising trail races letting the runners explore the wilderness of Danish west coast.

In 2015, I’ve continued my passion & love for running, mostly trail running & spread its joy in my network. Met & bonded with some of the nicest & coolest people. Amazing to see that running is catching up every where & people are adopting it for healthier & much fuller life.

On the personal & professional fronts, managed to tick off most of my goals for 2015!

Now it’s time to reset & start a new journey with a fresh outlook & new challenges! I’m sure 2016 will be more awesome & more rewarding in all facets.

Wish you all the very best & make the most out of this new beginning. Happy New Year everyone. Let’s rock 2016!!!

HM#170: Comeback after 4 weeks hiatus

Running Posted on Thu, December 24, 2015 17:02:35

Went out for an early morning trail half marathon after almost 4 weeks of hiatus from running. My body is totally detrained!!! Never ever I’ve struggled that much during a trail half marathon. What 4 weeks of not running can do to your aerobic system & muscle power!

Next big race (VUMB 100km+) is in the beginning of February & it’s gonna be uphill battle from here!!! Let’s see if I can regain my original fitness in such a short time frame, loose 3 kilos that I’ve gained in India & get back in shape. Any good advice is always welcome!


Wish you all a Merry X’mas!!!

Run Bhopal Run, India 11K

Races Posted on Thu, December 24, 2015 17:00:12

Run Bhopal Run 11km! It was a long due & my first official race in INDIA!!! Though the plan was to run “Nilgiris Ultra 100km” in south of India but due to heavy floods it got cancelled, unfortunately. So I’d to find another one to compensate

Thanks to the organisers for fixing a last minute start number for me eventhough the event was totally sold out. It was pleasure to run in city of lakes, Bhopal. Plan was to take it slow & just enjoy the run instead of racing. I’m really surprised & happy to see that the craze for running is catching up in India as well. Great energy & atmosphere at the start & through the route. I was really impressed with this little boy (bottom right pic) who was in 11km distance category & when I passed through him he was in great spirit & running at a fairly high pace (approx 4:40min/km) for his age! Kudos to you kid.

Overall a nice short run in my own city

Marbæk Trail 21st Nov

Running Posted on Tue, November 24, 2015 13:25:59

One of our busiest & biggest running project was successfully executed yesterday (MARBÆK TRAIL 21st Nov 2015). It took us weeks & months of planning & preparation right from route planning all the way to race day execution & wrap up after the race. There are so many things that a race director has to take care of & the job becomes even more challenging when you are yourself developing the race management tool ( in parallel. And all this has to be done in the spare time after work, family & your own bit of running :)))

And it gets even bit harder when you are only two who have to take care of every bit. For example we had to go out marking the route from 8pm- 00:10am the night before the event. And we were home around 00:30. But not even once during the course marking in the middle of cold freezing night we got a thought why we are doing this? Infact after every 15-20 minutes we were telling each together that the route is so fantastic & we really hope our runners will like it.

We got tremendous response from the runners & had to extend the participant limit from 100 to 117. This is the biggest trail run event we’ve organised so far in terms of participants. Please note this kind of event attracts handful of runners mostly who really want to stretch their envelop & get out of the comfort zone. Running on trails not only requires physical effort but also keep your brain continuously engaged to carefully scan the path/trail/mud/water/stones/grass/roots/wood/leaves to ensure that you don’t fall

We’ve got th chance to talk to some of you after you’ve finished the run & we are overwhelmed hearing your feedback about the route & the event as a whole. We also got couple of good suggestions for improvement that we will definitely incorporate in our next event.

As I always say, watching the run & the runners from the other side is such a rewarding experience. When you organise a running event, its not about you or the event, its about them, THE RUNNERS participating in your race. Experiencing their lows & HIGHS & pain & SMILE is wonderful. And most importantly the happiness & satisfaction on their faces crossing the finish line is the biggest REWARD a race director can get. So much respect for our runners who ran & completed their first trail run yesterday. We’re are so happy & honoured to be a small part in your successful journey/experience & to fulfill our only purpose at @RaceSignup & @West Coast Run Series i.e. ‘Spread the the joy of running…” #RunShareInspire

Tons of pictures from the event here: LINK

B&O 90th Anniversary Social Run

Running Posted on Tue, November 24, 2015 13:24:26

HAPPY 90th Birthday Bang & Olufsen!!! #LikeNoOneElse

Always proud of working with you.
To kickoff the 90th b’day celebration, we arranged a social run early morning. It was “hyggelig” (translate: cozy) to run with 50+ colleagues. Glad to see that I’m not the only crazy one running that early 😉
Let the celebration begins…

Marathon#20 (Nov 6th) – Much needed run

Running Posted on Tue, November 24, 2015 13:22:47

Much needed long trail run after 4 days break from running.

First 18km with Kenneth in Marbæk plantation.
Weird that I got super tired after 30km. Time to get back to healthy diet!!!
Marathon# 20

Have a great weekend!!!

Marathon#19 – Marbæk Trail

Running Posted on Sun, October 18, 2015 20:18:10

I was supposed to run Lubeck marathon today in Germany but have to drop the plan due to hectic schedule. But instead ran early morning trail marathon (to compensate) in Marbæk plantation with David & Daniel.

It was a tough one with challenging trail & I was done after 33km but somehow finished it!
Glad to have a week with decent weekly mileage finally.

Marathon No.19

HM161: Trail run with Daniel in Marbæk plantation

Running Posted on Sat, October 03, 2015 20:29:38

“Run as long as you can & as often as you can. One day the wheels will fall off & you will not be able to do that!”

Went out with Daniel for ‘pre-sunrise weekend trail run’ at Marbæk plantation to scout the route for our next trail running event (Marbæk Trail) we are organising on Nov 21st. It was hard run towards the end & somehow dragged myself in last 2km!

Glad we’ve discovered some really good challenging trails/route for all distances. Really looking forward to the event now.

Half Marathon#162

Short run in Aalborg with Randhir

Running Posted on Sat, October 03, 2015 20:28:21

From a beautiful autumn sunny morning run with Randhir n Aalborg!

Route scouting with David, Daniel & Kenneth

Running Posted on Sat, October 03, 2015 20:26:00

Shoes say it all! Back from ‘before sun-rise 30K trail run’ in Marbæk plantation in super muddy & flooded trail!

Half Marathon No. 160

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